Sheep Crushed by Lorry in India

According to The Hans India, 30 unfortunate sheep were crushed by a careless driver. The sheep were likely happily grazing and wandering when the lorry driver rampaged through for the sheep massacre. Some sheep were injured rather than dead.

Sheep, like dogs and cats, are considered property, thus the talk of compensating the owner as though the loss were a mere book or such. In a similar vein, many an upset cat owner has discovered that they can only sue for the $6 value of their mangy pet cat after the poor cat has been run over.

The death of a human would usually prompt talks of more than compensation for the human’s life’s calculated value. (The value of one statistical life is currently around US$10M, in case you are wondering. Actual payouts are significantly lower.).

Unlike other dogs, this unusually clever canine creature has enough self-awareness and amour-propre to want to save others from seeing his nude nature. Image: Free-Photos/Pixabay

What do sheep, cats, and dogs have in common that humans do not have in common? Sheep, cats, and dogs are typically nudists.

Clearly, sheep must wear clothing for their deaths to be taken seriously.

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